Sharing Lives, Sharing Languages: A Pilot Project for New Scots' Social and Language Integration

Building on a peer education model, this project, designed, developed and implemented by the Scottish Refugee Council, enabled peer groups to bring together non-native English speakers and local community members under the coordination of peer educators.

Peer sessions aimed to support the development of social connections, language learning and cultural exchange between multilingual peers. The pilot project aimed to complement the existing ESOL provision by providing group-based activities which aided language acquisition.

The Peer Education Model

  • Peer Educator Coordinators (PECs) received training and identified Peer Educators (PEs) in their local communities to help form peer groups.
  • PECs delivered training sessions to PEs who learned about the peer education model, the project’s objectives and outcomes, and strategies for peer engagement and learning.
  • Each peer group conducted a series of peer sessions which explored the participants’ social connections, group and individual needs, common interests and hobbies and ideas for collective actions.
  • Each peer group planned and conducted collective actions which helped peers to expand their connections with the wider community and to practise their language skills.
  • Peer sessions continue beyond the collective actions with a plan to identify new needs, group activities and future collective actions.

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